Evermynd is a full-service conference consultancy 

We look back on several years of experience in conference management - from advanced training series and charity events to international conferences with up to 500 attendees.



Sarah Bourdoux

manager and networker with a gift for languages

Lale Jakob

business woman and show host with a creative mind



Every business project´s profit will simultaneously benefit society.


While maintaining a profit-oriented business model, we aim to always make a social and/or environmental impact with our projects.

In the best case the main focus of our project already embodies the impact we wish to see. In every other case we will pair the project with a fitting additional feature that benefits society.



What a great event! We had never gotten to witness anything like it. It really is a Godsend that we came together. Our ideas have been implemented very professionally. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you. your commitment for our common cause was extraordinary.

/  Michael Ehmann, Advisory Board member, Thorax foundation Heidelberg  /

Excellent advanced training, very well structured, practice-oriented, i will definitely recommend it (and come back myself).

/ LIBERMED advanced medical trainings Attendee /


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